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Fiber optic star ceiling

We sell a wide variety of fiber optic star ceiling kits, tiles and domes. We have something for every person's budget. Please look at our photo gallery which shows different star ceiling installations.

star ceiling in restraunt star ceiling in restraunt

Enjoy star ceilings at your place of business or the comfort of your bedroom!

star ceiling star dome in living room

You can choose to have it in your home theater room or your living area!

star ceiling in entertainment room star dome over spa

Enjoy many movies and quiet times under the stars!

star dome star dome in childrens bedroom

Our star domes can fit into many living areas and even children's bedrooms.

star dome in enterance to house

Our star domes are even visible during the day time!

star dome in enterance to house

Install a star dome to make a grand impression when people enter your home!

star dome in enterance to house

People will never forget the beauty and look of the star dome in your home!

star dome

Enjoy countless hours looking at the heavens!

star dome and curtain

Our star domes even have the options of a cove light!

star dome and curtain

Add star curtains with your star dome to enhance the effects!

star back drop star portal in theater

Every want the look like you're in a space ship?

star window star window

Check out our star portals with a moon mural!

star ceiling sun rising star ceiling cove light

With the star domes, you can choose a date, time, and place and we will recreate the sky for you!

multiple shooting stars star dome

You can even choose to have shooting stars in your domes or ceiling!

home theater with star ceiling star ceiling in home theater

Star ceilings are very popular in home theaters!

home theater star ceiling star ceiling in home theater

Nothing like a movie under the stars!

star dome over bath tub star dome in bedroom

Brilliance and elegance at its best!

star ceiling with star portal shooting star effect

What more could you ask for?

star portal Star ceiling with dome installed

It is dreams come true!

Home theater star ceiling before

Star tiles are custom made and shipped to you!

Home theater star ceiling installation

Just place the tile on the ceiling and use the fasters!

Home theater star ceiling after

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